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INDIGENOUS TEEES.                                                     425
for Sanskrit pippala ; Ficus religosa.
A, Acacia leucophlasa; a thorny tree common in the roMiyas in conjunc-
tion with tlie Chhonkar.
BfTEAj for Sanskrit aruMa; Sapindns detergens | tlie soap berry tree; found
at Satoha.
SAELAJNA. For Sanskri' sabJidnjana; Moringa pterygospenna or Hyperanthera
moringa ; tne horse-radist tree.
SAHOBA, Streblns asper (?). A small scraggy tree vitli rotigli dark-green
leaves and eatable fruit, a yellow one-seeded berry. Single trees are
common all orer tlie district.
SHAH-TUT.   Morns Indica; tne mulberry tree.
SBMALJ for Sanskrit Salmali; Bombas beptaphyllum; tke cotton tree. Flowers
in March wnen bare of leaves, like the kacnnar, dhak, and nausatn.
Sisis, for Sanskrit sirisha, is the vernacular name both for tne Acacia speciosa,
wbicbj in spite of its botanical epitbet, is a very unsigntly tree for a great
part of tbe year, when its branches are bare of leaves and Irang only with
large, dry, yellow pods, rattling with every breath of wind. The same name
is given to a similar but larger and much handsomer tree, the Albizzia
odoratissima, which has red-brown legumes.